WRC Heads to Argentina for the Xion Rally 

Xion Rally Argentina - Speedyreg
Speedyreg – Xion Rally Argentina

The Xion Rally in Argentina, part of the World Rally Championships, is certainly challenging, and definitely exciting to watch. The course is located around the lakeside resort of Villa Carlos Paz and includes a wide range of terrain, from the super special stage in downtown Villa Carlos Paz, to plains, lakeland and mountains. This particular event was first run in 1980, however, just two years later it was cancelled, due to Britain being at war with Argentina over the Falkland Islands.

A truly awe-inspiring course

The race begins on April 25th finishing on April 28th. There are 18 stages with a total distance of 1.300,38 KM. Perhaps the most impressive stage is Copia – El Condor which is tackled on Sunday. With hanging bridges and so many precarious twists and turns high up among the rocks on the mountain side, it’s definitely thrilling and you’ll find plenty of spectators camped up on the rocks near the finish of the El Condor stage. It’s a real party atmosphere with barbecues cooking and beer flowing. Around one million people gather to watch the Xion Rally, so you can imagine it’s pretty sensational to be there. People gather for several days before the race to ensure they get the best spots to watch the action.

Drivers making a big splash

The excitement only gets greater if there’s been recent rain as there are several river crossings, and so the more water there is, the bigger the spectacle when the cars race through them. Thrills and spills will undoubtedly abound!

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