Excitement Grows for Azerbaijan Formula 1 Grand Prix 

Azerbaijan Grand Prix (F1) - SpeedyReg
Azerbaijan Grand Prix (F1) – SpeedyReg

The street circuit of the Monaco Grand Prix has always been a favourite of many F1 fans. There’s something extra thrilling about seeing the high speed action taking place on real streets. The speeds seem even faster when the drivers are whizzing past buildings, and the risks involved with such a circuit have us on the edge of our seats as the cars hurtle round the corners.

So it was certainly fantastic news when the Azerbaijan Grand Prix was introduced in 2017, another street circuit in the heart of Baku City. Last year’s race was spectacular viewing. Anyone who says that F1 isn’t as exciting as it used to be has had to take it back after that race. It was definitely full of drama. We saw Red Bull drivers Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo collide after a nail biting struggle and shortly after, Romain Grosjean had a head-on crash into a wall while driving behind the safety car. That’s not something you see very often! Debris on the track then put paid to Baltteri Bottas when his Ferrari got a flat tyre just three laps before the finish.

This is one you’ll definitely want to watch

You can watch all the action, including practices and qualifying on Sky Sports F1, with highlights on Channel 4.

The timetable is as follows…

Practice 1: 10:00am Friday 26th April

Practice 2: 2:00pm Friday 26th April

Practice 3: 11:00am Saturday 27th April

Qualifying: 2:00pm Saturday 27th April

Race: 1:10pm Sunday 28th April

If you’re watching via Sky Sports F1, coverage of the practice rounds begins 15 minutes before the start time. Qualifying coverage starts at 1:00pm on the Saturday, and race day coverage begins at 11:30am on Sunday.

Is the Azerbaijan Grand Prix your favourite?

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