Floyd Mayweather Celebrates his Birthday Today!

Speedy Reg - Floyd Number Plates
Floyd Number Plates – Speedy Reg

Today boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr turns 42. His career choice will have come as no surprise with three professional boxers in the family already; his father, Floyd Mayweather Senior, and two of his uncles. He had a difficult childhood, his father spent time in prison on drugs charges and his mother had problems with addiction. Money was scarce and it was this that spurred Floyd on to make something of his life, to earn some money and not live in poverty. Partly due to the influence of his father, he got into boxing at a young age. When he won a junior boxing tournament at the age of 10 he slept with his trophy for two weeks! Floyd was also influenced by Mike Tyson with whom he trained. He saw Tyson wearing diamond watches and driving a Rolls Royce and this was further motivation to Mayweather as to just what he could achieve through boxing.

He has his dad to thank for his nickname Pretty Boy. While most boxers suffer from broken noses and other facial damage, Floyd Mayweather Senior taught his son good defensive techniques and so his face has remained fairly undamaged, earning him his nickname.

His life has been full of ups and downs, but he’s certainly succeeded in his goals. He’s one of the highest paid athletes in the USA and he’s also an Olympic bronze medal winner.

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