Backstreet’s Back with a New Album!

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It’s been six years since the last Backstreet Boys album but now it’s here, DNA, the latest Backstreet Boys release. It brings all their unique styles together as one and if you’ve heard any of the singles that have been released so far such as Don’t Go Breaking My Heart or Chances you’ll know that it’s all good stuff! The boys will be touring this year too with concerts at Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham and London in June as well as many other dates worldwide.

It’s so good to see the boys still going strong, and as Brian has been heard to say that there’s still so much left to do, I think there’ll be a lot more from these guys coming up in the future too!

DNA – Track Listing

Track 1 – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Track 2- Nobody Elses          

Track 3 – Breathe

Track 4 – New Love

Track 5 – Passionate   

Track 6 – Is It Just Me

Track 7 – Chances      

Track 8 – No Place     

Track 9 – Chateau B

Track 10 – The Way It Was    

Track 11 – Just Like You Like It

Backstreet Boys Fabulous Facts…

  • They took their name from the Backstreet Market in Orlando, Florida.
  • AJ loves to write romantic poetry!
  • Howie likes nothing better than to wear cosy pyjamas with feet in.
  • Out of all the boys, Kevin gets the most fan mail.
  • AJ has a fear of clowns while Brian is scared of heights, ferris wheels and roller coasters.
  • When they go on tour AJ always takes his mum, she’s their tour publicist.
  • When they go on tour, Kevin always takes photos of his family with him.
  • Howie and Kevin love to try new foods, but the rest of the boys just opt for McDonalds!

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