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Prefix Number Plates

Number plates that have the year letter at the beginning of the registration, for example B21 VAN. 

Current Number Plates

Current style number plates were introduced in September 2001 and they follow the 2 digit year identifier, 3 letters format, for example XX10 VEU (Kiss Kiss Love You).
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Dateless Plate

Dateless Number Plates

Registrations which can be transferred to any age of vehicle, for example 70 NNX.
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Cheap Number Plates

We have a very large range of cheap number plates. We have thousands of cheap number plates to choose from. Use the search facility below now to browse our collection of cheap number plates.

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Speedy Registrations offer some of the lowest prices and best deals in the industry for personalised number plates. If you are looking for a registration number then we review our prices daily to ensure you get the best deal.

Our prices are always low - but these registration numbers below just got even lower !
Registration Original Discount New Price        
MIG 550 £1130 £100 £1,030   View Buy Now Enquire
MIG 5555 £849 £100 £749   View Buy Now Enquire
D16 NEV £1175 £576 £599   View Buy Now Enquire
H881 NEY £850 £255 £595   View Buy Now Enquire
KS61 NGH £1680 £250 £1,430   View Buy Now Enquire
GS61 NGH £1680 £250 £1,430   View Buy Now Enquire
HS61 NGH £1680 £250 £1,430   View Buy Now Enquire
12 ORY £19900 £1400 £18,500   View Buy Now Enquire
JEM 595P £1179 £305 £874   View Buy Now Enquire
75 PC £16000 £505 £15,495   View Buy Now Enquire
Y222 PJC £699 £50 £649   View Buy Now Enquire
1 PMM £30500 £100 £30,400   View Buy Now Enquire
RJI 36 £1999 £109 £1,890   View Buy Now Enquire
SHZ 18 £1990 £390 £1,600   View Buy Now Enquire
WJZ 2902 £50 £10 £40   View Buy Now Enquire
WJZ 2903 £50 £10 £40   View Buy Now Enquire
WJZ 2904 £50 £10 £40   View Buy Now Enquire
XJI 363 £450 £70 £380   View Buy Now Enquire
SO53 XXY £3675 £100 £3,575   View Buy Now Enquire
MAT 1Y £11500 £1250 £10,250   View Buy Now Enquire

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02866 387124sales@speedyreg.co.uk
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