Tessa Number Plates

Looking for Tessa Number Plates or Theresa Number Plates?

If you are looking for the perfect Tessa Number plates, then your search is over, Speedyreg is currently offering T3 ESE for sale.

The girl name Tessa originates from Latin and Old Greek, and it is predominantly used in English. Tessa is also an English pet form of the English and German Theresa. Tessa is a popular baby name for girls, and it is also perceived to be rather trendy.

This registration is perfect personalised registrations for the famous Javelin thrower Theresa ‘Tessa’ Sanderson is a Javelin Thrower.

She was the United Kingdom’s top female Javelin thrower during the mid-70’s but was for a while was eclipsed by the emergence of Fatima Whitbread. Despite this, Tessa surprised everyone in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games by taking gold ahead of Fatima, who had to settle for the bronze. Tessa Sanderson’s career ultimately outlived that of Fatima Whitbread and she was still competing at senior level right up to 1996.

So whether you want to become the Ultimate fan of Tessa Sanderson, OR whether your name is Tessa, you are one click away from your personalised number plates, T3 ESE.

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