Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Car Sold

The Famous Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car from the 1968 film was sold earlier this week in America. Unfortunately it fell short of the $1 -2 million, estimation and was only sold for $805,000.

The car built by the Ford racing team was the only one of five cars that was fully functional, the other four only being mock vehicles. This particular vehicle was the one used for the entire close up driving scenes and was the only one to be registered with the famous “GEN 11” number plates. The GEN 11 this was the original registration given to this vehicle in the novel.  Interestingly the car itself has a dashboard plate from a World War I fighter plane, and the rear of the vehicle was hand-made by Buckingham boat-builders from cedar. The car itself has a 3.0-litre V6 under its polished aluminium bonnet.

Do you know the new lucky owners?

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