Ultimate TULL number plates

The new Londonderry replacement registration TUI Irish Number Plates will be an excellent choice as a personalised registration if your surname is Tull. The surname comes from the 8th century female personal name “Matilda” which translates as “The mighty battle maid”. The most famous bearer of the name in the “Dictionary of National Biography”, was undoubtedly Jethro Tull (1674 – 1741), a writer of agricultural treatises and inventor of the seed drill.

Another famous person with the surname Tull was famous Actor Patrick Tull who was born in Sussex, England and was a long term resident of New York City, United States.

Tull is, along with Simon Vance, one of only two people in the world to have recorded the entire Aubrey-Maturin canon of Patrick O’Brian in complete and unabridged form. O’Brian once expressed disapproval of a dramatic rendition of recorded novels.

So if your surname is Tull, then your one click away from your personalised number plates, TUI 10.

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