The New Improved White Van Man

The new Ford Connect has a single gear box, which will see the end of constantly changing gears every day.  

There are many benefits with this new van:

  • Lack of Noise
  • Top speed of 75 mph
  • 0 – 60mph in 1 second faster
  • Costs £1.50 to recharge

Like all Fords, the Connect is a van driver’s dream for handling, while the seats are firm and supportive, crucial for the blokes who spend most of their day behind the wheel. Van drivers are as interested in space and payload as mpg and the Connect has the same 3.8litres of space as the diesel while the payload is slightly lower at 575kg.

Like electric cars, electric vans will be expensive at first. The Connect is £40,000 compared with £11,000 to £16,000 for the diesel. Ford say owners will recoup the cost in three years.

The Connect – which takes ten hours for a full charge overnight – would use just £390 worth of electricity covering the same mileage. There are also big savings on maintenance with the electric Connect costing around £700 to service compared with £1,500 for the diesel.

So the total cost to run the diesel would be £16,242 over three years versus £1,870 for the electric. And if you are splashing out on a new van, then why now also enhance your new vehicle with a personalised number plate?

So will the new Ford Connect be the answer to your raising fuel bills?

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