Kylie Minogue the face of Lexus

Kylie Minogue is fronting the campaign as the face of Lexus

The new Lexus Campaign to introduce the new Lexus CT 200h, is being fronted by none other than the famous Pop Star, Kylie Minogue. Kylie will be appearing in the TV commercials along with the new Lexus.

Lexus Director Belinda Poole says the Lexus CT 200h is a revolutionary vehicle, bringing full hybrid technology to the luxury compact. She added that “Kylie is an ideal brand ambassador for Lexus as not only does she have immense appeal, she is also innovative and has a great personality which will reach out and connect with new customers that the Lexus CT 200h will bring to Lexus.”

Kylie Minogue herself explains “the Lexus CT 200h is your own space for peace and quiet amongst the hustle and bustle of the world.” Kylie could easily add her own personalised number plate to advertise the new Lexus, such as KYL 111E.

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