Premier League Footballer Driving a Smart Car

Smart Car

It is hard to believe that Premier League Footballer is driving around in a Smart Car. Well is it TRUE.  We are all used to seeing Footballer cruising about in expensive, prestige cars such as Ferrari, Range Rovers etc.  However Benoit Assou-Ekotto loves his new wheels, as it is perfect for driving in London. He trains every day and it only takes £20 a week in fuel, he says he doesn’t care if the other players laugh at him.

Assou-Ekotto, has had his own experiences of owning expensive cars in the past, but when one of his cars lost over £60,000 in value he thought enough was enough. Instead he has bought himself a Smart Car for driving around London. He also owns 6 Classic American Sports Cars as they increase in value each year.

In the current economic, Assou-Ekotto is extremely shroud in his spending, by choosing to rent an apartment in London and instead buying 10 houses in France.  He also is no stranger to using public transport as he often seen on the London Underground and he regular visits his family in France by

Assou-Ekotto isn’t worried about what he’s fellow players think of his car choice or even his use of public transport. I think I might feel a bit intimidated if I was parking a smart alongside the other player’s cars, which would include:

  • Bentley GTC  : Owned by Emmanuel Adebayor : Costs : £160,000
  • Mercedes SLR : Owned by El Hadji Diouf : Costs : £300,000
  • Lincoln Navigator : Owned by Thierry Henry : Costs : £55,000
  • Ferrari 599 GTB : Owned by Frank Lampard : Costs : £212,000
  • Mercedes CL :  Owned by David Beckham : Costs : £115,000
  • Mini Cooper S Works : Owned by Didier Drogha : Costs : £22,000
  • Aston Martin DBS : Owned by Nicklas Bendtner : Costs : £180,000
  • Mercedes SL63 AMG: Owned by Ashley Cole : Costs: £110,000
  • Bentley Cont GT speed : Owned by Cristiano Ronaldo : Costs : £190,000

I don’t feel so bad when I pull up to work in my humble freelander, and park among my work colleagues at Speedyreg, who drive form Astra’s to Range Rovers, all of course with their own personalised number plates.

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