Favourite Company Car Peugeot 508

Peuguot 508

Everyone knows that company car drivers are among the hardest customers to please in the world. They want everything, performance, reliability, comfortable, not to mention they want to impress their work colleagues, neighbours and even their clients.

Fuel economy is also vital, especially in today’s climate as Company drivers do not want to be constantly heading to the pumps. This may sound impossible, but Peugeot have came up with answer their new 508 saloon and SW estate.

The 508 replaces the tired and jaded 407, which was in its 7th year and was the oldest model in the company car park and past its sell-by date. The company car is very much a status symbol of where you stand in the pecking order. And the 407 has looked increasingly outdated against newer rivals including the Vauxhall Insignia, Mazda 6 and recently face-lifted Ford Mondeo and VW Passat.

But the 508 instantly looks the part, with elegant upmarket styling with a hint of Maserati that suddenly puts Peugeot back to the top of the styling tree. It’s all-change at the front where the 508 gets the new face of Peugeot with a distinctive but subtler grille replacing the gaping mouth of the current models, together with a more prominent Lion badge on the sculpted bonnet. The lights have been replaced with sleeker LED lights.

They have certainly beaten the new Passat for quality and style. There’s nothing groundbreaking about brushed aluminium, chrome and piano-black trim – but it’s the attention to detail and how well screwed together the 508 is that are really impressive.

The 508 achieves 0-62 in just 8.2 seconds and has an extra 53mm more legroom for the back passengers and 20 per cent tax for a benefit-in-kind company car works out at £493 a year. The company car sector is a dog-eat-dog world, so the 508 needs to be competitively priced, starting at £17,309 for the entry 1.6litre petrol.

Will you be signing adding the new 508 to your fleet of company cars?

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