Number plate dealer in Crown Court

Peter Swatton

The trial has started of personal car number plate dealer Peter Swatton, who is accused of selling cherished number plates which did not exist.

Portsmouth Crown Court , was told that Swatton who was trading as “Cherish Marks” or “Cherished Registered Marks” pocketed more than £70,000 from  various customers who had paid up to £7000 for a personalised registration.

When his customers did not receive their completed documents back from transfer and tried to contact Swatton, he became very elusive. He would not respond to any phone calls, letters, faxes or even e-mails.

However if his customer was lucky enough to get to speak to Swatton, they were then fobbed off, with excuses blaming either the DVLA or the Donor of the registration number. He never admitted to any of the blame.

However Swatton denies the 4 counts of obtaining money by deception and 20 counts of fraud.

The moral of the story is to only purchase registrations from companies who are members of Trading Bodies.

We will keep you updated on the outcome of his trial.

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