Free Road Tax for Cars

Free Road Tax

Did you know that there are family cars offering completely free road tax, as well as superminis?

From April last year anyone buying a new car had to pay a different rate of vehicle tax for the first tax disc. Cars that fall into the Band A tax category for Vehicle Excise Duty have Co2 emission levels below 100g/km pay no showroom tax and standard road tax is also completely free

The Audi A3 1.6TDI Start/Stop 99 model qualifies for Road Tax Band A with emissions of 99 CO2 g/km. With the introduction of Showroom Tax this means that the first year of road tax will be free, after which it will cost the standard Road Tax Band A rate.

The Ford Focus 1.6TDCi ECOnetic S/S is a small family car that qualifies for Road Tax Band A with emissions of just 99 CO2 g/km. The Citroen DS3 Dstyle supermini 99g qualifies for Road Tax Band A with emissions of just 99 CO2 g/km and is also exempt from congestion charge.

The Mitsubishi i MiEV model achieves Band A status with zero emissions as it is a purely electric-powered car. The Mitsubishi i MiEV is also amongst one of the cheaper cars to insure.

For existing car owners, cars registered in the UK on or after March 1st 2001 are taxed according to their emissions; for cars registered before that date there is one road tax price for engines up to 1549cc and another group for those over 1550cc. Cars registered after that date have been split into 13 car tax bands from May 2009 based on emissions: cars in band A are greener and cheaper to tax than tax band M, therefore the lower the emissions, the cheaper the car tax bracket. You’ll find your car’s co2 emission information on your v5c Certificate. Cars registered before March 2001 are not subject to the current road tax prices this is because there is no accurate emissions data available for these cars. Instead, road tax for these cars is priced based on engine size, up to 1549 cc is £125, 1550 cc + is approximately £205.

With not having to pay any Road Tax you will be able to afford some added extras for your vehicle, such as many a set of personalised number plates.

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