UK’s vehicle fleet’s novel way

Fermanagh Snow

One of the UK’s biggest vehicle fleets has a novel way of avoiding the ice and snow – its 6,000+ vehicles never hit the road.

Although Northern Ireland is suffering its worst winter road conditions for 25 years, one of the UK’s biggest fleets located there is coping without any problems.  The Speedyreg fleet of over 6,000 vehicles is safely tucked away in high security warehouses near Enniskillen.

In fact, the tyres of the fleet of mainly mopeds and motocycles hardly ever hit the road – in good weather or bad.  When they are taken out for their regular MoT tests, they are loaded into a special truck and taken to and from the government testing station in safety and comfort.

The vehicles are kept in roadworthy condition and guarded so carefully because they are used to store the UK’s largest selection of dateless and Northern Ireland registration numbers.  When a Speedyreg client picks one of the numbers, it is ready for transfer quickly through the vehicle licensing authorities from one of the bikes in storage onto the client’s vehicle.  At this time of the year, the transfer is often onto a premium Porsche, BMW, Merc or Jaguar as a banker uses his annual bonus to get a personalised plate onto his latest executive wheels.

“That part of the business is down a little this year because of the uncertainty about bank bonuses, but generally the personalised, dateless and cherished plates business continues to be strong,” says CEO Des Elton.  “There is a growth in people investing in cherished plates because they have been performing better than some other areas of collectibles and art.”

Even if the snow and ice are making it difficult for‘s staff to get to and from work, and the mail services continue to face long delays, the company will continue 24/7 to deliver virtually immediately personalised registration numbers as gifts.  The company – one of the leading approved registration number dealers in the UK – has set up an online gift voucher scheme so that clients can download colourful seasonal vouchers ranging in value from £100 to £1,000.  These vouchers – which can double as greetings cards – can be printed out or emailed immediately.  The recipient can select a vehicle registration number online at, and it will be reserved.  The donor settles up later when the registration transfer is processed through the DVLA.  Payment can also be made online with a credit card or by using Speedyreg’s free credit service.

“It’s an ideal way of giving a unique lifetime gift without anyone needing to brave the weather,” says Des.

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