Fixing Number plates with Screws or Sticky pads?

Fixing Number Plates

When Fixing Number plates to my vehicle should I use Screws or Sticky pads?

There are two options to fixing your new number plates to your vehicle:

  1. Self Adhesive Pads
  2. Self-Tapping screws with matching plastic head covers .

Advantages of Self Adhesive Pads:

  1. Easy to use
  2. No Drilling Required
  3. Can be removed easily

Disadvantages of Self Adhesive

  1. Plates may seem like a easy target with screws for potential thieves
  2. Not as Secure
  3. Number Plates and Car Surface, need to be clean and dry

Advantages of Self –Tapping Screws

  1. More Secure
  2. Vehicle Does not have to be clean and dry

Disadvantages of Self –Tapping Screws

  1. Requires Drilling
  2. More Time Consuming
  3. Plates are not easily removed when needed to be changed

If you order the physical number plates from Speedyreg, you will automatically be given a fixing kit, consisting, of both Self Adhesive Pads and Self-Tapping Screws.

Standard Number Plate Fixing Kit

We would advise you to space the Self Adhesive Pads as shown Below:

Sticky Pad Positions

Probably the easiest way of fixing your number plates to your vehicle is by using our self adhesive pads.  However if you are after a little more security against number plate theft, then you should use the self- tapping screws with matching plastic head covers.

When fixing you next number plates, which will you choose, Sticky Pads or Screws?

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