DVLA avoiding a major BA11 SUP‼

The DVLA have announced that they are banning dozens of car number plates that could have been created with the new 11 series, such as BO11 OCK, VU11 GAR etc.

The Personalised plates, due for release in March, give maximum scope for a personalised registration, as the 1s can be read as an I, L and U.

The DVLA censors have acted swiftly to scrap offensive combos like BO11 OCK, PR11 CKS, UB11 TCH and FU11 CRP. Our roads will not be stained with SH11 TTS, SH11 TTE, SH11 TTY, or BU11 SHT. Nazi sympathisers will not be allowed to drive around with AH11 TLR, and hookers will be shocked that CA11 GRL will also not be issued.


All variations of police including PO11 CEE have been nailed, along with JA11 BRD, GU11 LTY, CR11 MES and BU11 ETS.  All combinations that spell drug will also not be issued, such as DR11 GG*. Other banned number plates include ST11 BRN and DR11 NKR.

The DVLA’s Propriety Group meets every year to discuss what plates to ban. A source said: “People might think we are killjoys but people can’t be driving round with swear words or racially sensitive names as plates”

Can you think of any other number plate that should be banned?

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