Number plates sale brings in Dh30m

9 Numberplates

Sold on Saturday for £10 million

A grand total of Dh30 million in proceeds were brought in at the auction for special number plates organised by Abu Dhabi Police. Abu Dhabi is the Capital of the United Arab Emirates.

The auction, which took place last Saturday, saw the sale of 81 special numbers, and included one-, two-, three-, four- and five-digit number plates. All proceeds will be used for charitable and humanitarian projects.

The number nine number plate sold for Dh10 million.

Brigadier Salem Ali Al Shamsi, Director of the police’s department of Privatisation and Resources Development, said that the auction was very popular among Emiratis and residents.

“Attendance was rather high, especially since the proceedings are going to be used to support various charity and humanitarian projects,” Al Shamsi said.

Ahmad Ahli, who won the bid for the number nine number plate, expressed his happiness at winning the number and praised the amount of special numbers that were put up for sale.

Abu Dhabi police ran the auction in co-operation with Emirates Auction and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank.

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