Katie Price pulled over for illegal number plates

Glamour model Katie Price found herself a hit of a reality show but it was not her own reality show, instead it was Traffic Cops, which is shown on the BBC. Katie Price was shocked to find herself being filmed by Traffic Cops have the police pulled her over for a motoring offence.

The model was pulled over by police after they spotted she had an illegal number plate on her car BO55Y KT Katie Price Registration and later discovered Katie Price was driving with no insurance.

The cameraman started to film for the BBC show but Katie Price demanded that they stopped filming claiming she had a contract with another television station.

Katie has told the BBC she does not want her appearance on the show to be aired for the BBC.

PC Ray Dalmon said: “I was horrified this woman who earns all this money had no insurance. She explained she had new plates and her brother was going to put them on. She phoned her mum, who organised her insurance.

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