DVLA no longer accept Cheques as payment

From 31st Oct 2010 DVLA will no longer accept Cheques as payment for their Number Plates

Today the DVLA have annouced that their current telesales contract will expire on 31 October 2010. Following expiry, DVLA will not be renewing the contract and will terminate the telesales channel as a means of purchasing a personalised registration.

However we at Speedyreg will still accept a cheque and cash as a payment method for these Personalised Number Plates.

Louise Pierpoint, DVLA, says “I know a number of you will be disappointed as you currently utilise our telesales business as your main purchase channel. Unfortunately with the introduction of online sales in 2008, our telesales business has decreased considerably and no longer provides value for money. In light of the current climate we are unable to justify continuation of our telesales business.  This will also result in the withdrawal of the cheque facility, as a payment method for personalised registrations”

If you would like to purchase a personalised number plates by cheque simply click on Personalised Number Plates

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