Importing a Southern Irish Vehicle

After a two day discussion with Coleraine DVA and the Southern Irish Licencing Office I have now realised how to register a vehicle.

It didn’t help the fact the document I was using did not and I quote exactly what a member of staff in Coleraine informed me “ Common Features”I was using a RF 101 which was issued in 2003, and known as Vehcile Licensing Certificate. In 2004, the RF101 changed its name to Vehicle Registration Certificate. I e-mailed the Southern Motor Tax office and they confirmed that the Vehicle Registraiton Certificate / Vehicle Licensing Certificate are the equivalent to our V5C Vehicle Registration Certificate. However when I spoke to the DVA in Coleraine, one department said I could use this old style RF101 Vehicle Registration Certificate, however another department told me this form could not be used as it was a Road Tax Application Form, the same as our V10 Road Tax Renewal Form.

When I viewed the RF101 form again, it was clear to me that it was an officical ownership document, which quoted chassis numbers, change of ownership details etc. When I queried this again with Coleraine DVA I was told again that it was only a Road Tax Renewal Form. Even after I contacted Monaghan Motortax Office, Southern Irish Motortax website and Shannon Liscencing office, I then explained to Coleraine DVA that the RF101 is actually the same as our V5C Registration Certificate they still insisted it was a Road Tax application Form. I eventaully had to ask the Manager to contact Shannon Motortax Office, and it was only after speaking to them that the DVA realised their error and admitted the RF101 is the Vehicle Registration Certificate. I also pointed out to them that the Road Tax Renewal form is RF100. They then requested us to get “An Extract of Mainfile”from Shannon Motortax to confirm the vehicle details. I spoke with Shannon Motortax and I was told to send a fax to them and they will get this issued, although they couldn’t understand why Coleraine DVA wanted this, as the information is already on the RF101, they said this is only required if we didn’t have the RF101.

Therefore to import a southern irish vehicle in Northern Ireland, you will be required to bring the following documents to your Local Motortax Office or post them direct to DVA Coleraine:

  1. Southern Irish Vehicle Registration Certificate (RF101) issued after 2004, if your RF101 is issued before 2004, you will also need a “An Extract of Mainfile” This can be obtained by sending a fax to Geraldine Nugent, on 00353 61 718063, with the Reg NO, Chassis Number, Make / Model, and Date of Export to Northern Ireland. Geraldine will then post this information to you
  2. MOT Certificate
  3. V55/5
  4. Insurance Certificate
  5. Cheque for £55 payable DVA as payment for First Registration Fee
  6. Cheque payable to DVA as payment of Road Tax
  7. V25 (NI) Form completed (Declaration of Personal Importation)
  8. Documents confirming your name and address

If you are still unsure of how to import a vehicle feel free to contact us on 02866387124.

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