Facts about Personalised Registrations

Facts About Personalised Registrations And Number Plates

If you plan to buy a personalised number plates, car registration numbers, cherished number plates, or private number plates, you need to know a little about car number plate purchase.

Here are some of the facts that will help you understand car number plates buying even more:

  • Car number plate dealers accept different modes of payment.  Most of them accept credit card, cash, wire transfer, PayPal and cheque.
  • The time that you have to wait for your new registration will depend on what kind of number plate you have requested and on the number plate dealer as well. Some dealers can provide with the car number plate that you want quicker than other dealers. For personalised car number plates, it could take 3-5 weeks. It would take lesser time if you are buying a registration that has never been assigned to anyone else yet because there will be no transfer issues.
  • If you want to transfer registration from car to a motorbike, you can. You will need to undergo the transfer process as well. Make sure that you have all the necessary documents needed to transfer the registration to your motorbike.
  • You can personalise the registration as long as it doesn’t make your vehicle appear younger. You will not be allowed to use a date identifier that is newer than that actual date of the car. You can choose to personalise your registration as long as it meets the criteria for new registration.
  • There is really no need to inspect the car anymore if you are requesting for new and personalised registration. If you have made some significant change in the construction of the vehicle, the department of transport or the DVLA may request to inspect the vehicle first before issuing the new registration.
  • If you want to spell out words on your registration plate or number plate, you should consider making the numbers represent letters. You will have to place number on the registration plate. You can make these numbers represent letters. For instance, you can use the “K155 ABL” wherein 155 were used to represent ISS. By doing so, you spell out the word KISSABL or when read is actually kissable.

Having a personalised registration and number plate is easy. These facts here will somehow give you an idea about personalised registrations.

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