March 28th saw the first round of the Pre-90 Formula Ford Championship at Kirkistown race circuit.

SPEEDY REGISTRATIONS sponsored driver Neville Anderson competes in this class.  The former Pre-90 champion was finding the windy conditions difficult and was having handling problems with his car.

He managed to qualify in 5th position and was optimistic for his chances in the race.

All 14 competitors made it out onto the grid for the first championship round.  The conditions were still extremely windy although the sun had come out.

As the lights went out  the current champion John Ferguson and Southern Ireland driver Rory Farrell pounced off the line on a fierce wheel to wheel battle to gain the lead spot while 3rd placed John Stewart stayed ahead of SPEEDY REGISTRATIONS sponsored driver Neville Anderson who made a blistering start up into 4th position.

As the leaders pulled away Anderson was making progress and moved from 4th to 3rd passing John Stewart.  The next few laps the places remained the same but the windy conditions were starting to take their toll.

Anderson was struggling to hold place careering through turn one totally sideways but managing to skillfully regain control and straighten the car and himself back up and driving “flat to the mat” and to the cars limits.

Meanwhile Gary Thompson was on the move and overtook Anderson to gain 3rd position and demoting Anderson back to 4th again.

Anderson tried hard and battled to regain 3rd spot and a back marker was impeding him and the gap was increasing so it was to no avail and finished 4th in an exciting race.

Round 2 of the Championship at Kirkistown will be held on 25th April and Neville hopes to have his car properly set up and well prepared in advance so he can live up to his SPEEDY reputation !!

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