Give a fig for Christmas

For years we have sung the praises of figgy pudding at Christmas without having much idea what it is. Now, one supermartket chain, which is sticking the delicacy, says it is outselling some of its modern counterparts. From the 16th century, figgy pudding traditionally appeared at the end of a Christmas meal – it is on the table of Bob Cratchit in A Christmas Carol- though it used also to be served on Palm Sunday. Fig trees were once commonplace in English gardens and figs were the main ingradient in the Christmas pudding recipes of Mrs Beeton. They were gradually replaced by cheaper raisins during the early 20th century. The pudding’s reappearance is a welcome addition to the usual Christmas fare, and a worthy adversary to that increasingly popular German Import, the stollen cake. We won’t go until we got some. So to have FIG registration on your plate this christmas just click FIGnumberplates to purchase

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