DVLA’s Sealed Bid Results

The DVLA results from the Halloween Sealed Bids were released!!! The Prices achieved however have been

scary enough:


The top 10 Prices achieved were:


  1. 250 SWB            £51,520
  2. 250 TDF            £12,000
  3. 8007 JR            £10,580
  4. SHA 2M            £7,860
  5. R35 GTR            £6,000
  6. POW 15D            £5,120
  7. KPU 391D            £5,000
  8. MAY 11R            £5,000
  9. USM 41V            £4,700
  10. BAD 74L            £3,500


However the amount of Unsold numbers were more seasonal, a scary 469 lots out of 1500 were

unsold, which is just under a 5th of the whole sealed bid.


The quite funny plate K981 TCH, (K9 BITCH) was secured for £910 plus plus. Mind you I personally

wouldn’t like that on my number plate.


We at Speedy managed to secure the following registrations:


B19 1VAN

B888 DAN



JON 275D

K115 TAN



To view all our stock numbers simply click on: Speedy Stock Numbers

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