Rally Fever Hits Speedyreg

One of our mechanic’s Drew is a keen Rally Driver. He has participated in many Local Rallies.


Some of the Rallies he has competed in:


  • Lakeland Stages
  • St Angelo Rally
  • EMC 2WD Rally


We at Speedyreg are always supporting the local community, and therefore we were eager to show our support and provide him some well-deserved sponsorship.


Drew began rallying driving back in the 1991, where he competed in the 1991 Lakeland Stages, in his Peugeot 104 ZS.


Drew went on to win his class on the 1995 Carson’s Quarry Rally, the 1300 Class.


In 2003 he obtained 2nd place in the 2-wheeled Drive Rally organised by the Enniskillen Motor club.

In 2004, Drew rolled his car in the St Angelo Sprints and therefore was unable to compete anymore.

However in 2007 after rebuilding his car he made a come back to the rally world


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