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Neville Anderson races in the Northern Ireland Formula Ford Championship in the Pre 90 Championship for cars built before 1990. Neville, who is originally from Dromore Co Down, is now living in Loughbrickland outside Banbridge. He runs a car valeting business and sells the odd second car. He is 39 years old and has been racing in the Pre 90 Championship since 2000. He started racing after attending a race school day at Kirkistown circuit, once he got a run in a single seat Formula Ford he had to get a car for himself.


In 2000 Neville managed to get a 1989 Mondaile formula ford, which was built and designed, in Bangor Co Down. It is an old car but it is still competitive in the Pre 90 class. Neville races on the smallest budgets repairing and running the car himself. He races mainly at Kirkistown Circuit near Newtownards, but he has also raced successfully at Brands Hatch and Silverstone in England, Anglesey in Wales and Mondello Park near Dublin.  He has won his class at Silverstone and Monello Park. He has achieved over 30 race wins and over 30 podium positions in this car. In his first season with his Mondaile he finished runner up in the Championship and the following year he took the title in 2001, 2003, 2005 and 2006. He was 3rd in the Championship in 2002 runner up in 2004, 2007 and 2008. In 2004 he managed to attract a sponsor, Speedy Registrations, who sponsored Neville right up through the past few seasons.


In 2005 Neville had 2 victories at Silverstone thanks to Speedy Registrations supplying new tyres for these races. This helped Neville on his way to winning the Championship also in 2005.


2005 was also the year Neville broke the lap record at Kirkistown for the Pre 90 class. 2006 was another great year for Neville, he won the Championship again with a number of victories, pole positions and fastest laps of the races he entered.

2007 was not such a great year for Neville, he had a run of bad luck after racing the same engine for over 3 years, it ended up having to be rebuilt after getting worn out. The rebuild was to loose him a chance of retaining his championship as it was to let him down on 3 occasions. He still managed 4 wins at Kirkistown and 2 podiums finishes. At the final meeting of the year the engine blew up crossing the finish line that then lead to an expensive winter rebuild.


Neville had hoped the 2008 season was going to be a big year for him, over the winter he got his engine rebuilt again and he got the car totally overhauled. Since Neville got the car 7 years previous he just maintained his car but to be competitive now he has to have his car perfect. Mondaile expert John Harris, worked on Neville’s car in his spare time over the winter months and had the car well repaired and set up for the 2008 season. The first race of the season was at Kirkistown on 29th March, round 1 at Kirkistown was a wet day with tricky conditions for the qualifying and the race 2007 Champion John Ferguson qualified on pole with Neville Anderson alongside him on the front row. Neville bravely led off the line in the treacherous conditions but almost aquaplaned off at the first corner allowing Ferguson to slip past. After running wide and loosing the lead Neville has to settle for second place, as it was almost impossible to see the car in front with the spray from the wheels in these conditions, it is even hard just to stay on the track.


Round 1 Results


Result                                       Gap                              Fastest lap


1st: John Ferguson                                                          1. Ferguson 1minute 10.356 secs

2nd: Neville Anderson                +4.845sec                    2. Anderson 1minute 10.441 secs

3rd: Jamesy Hagan                     +10.903sec                   Pole Position

                                                                                       Ferguson 1minute 11.012sec


TOTAL STARTERS                 15

TOTAL FINISHERES             11


Round 2


John Ferguson claimed pole 4 tenths of a second quicker than 2nd place Neville Anderson. In the race Neville got away ahead of Ferguson and was briefly in first position, but Ferguson’s friend Alan Kelly jumped the start and came from behind and pulled away. He forced Neville to lift off to avoid a crash. Kelly had his engine rebuilt and it was really fast and set the fastest lap. Ferguson got the win when Kelly got a 10 second penalty for the jump-start this promoted Neville to 2nd place.


Round 2 Results


Result                                       Gap                              Fastest lap


1st: John Ferguson                                                          1. Alan Kelly 1min 2.657 secs

2nd: Neville Anderson                     +5.930sec                2. Ferguson 1min 3.158 secs

3rd: Jimmy Douggan                       +6.247sec                   Pole Position

                                                                                        Ferguson 1minute 3.380secs


TOTAL STARTERS                 14

TOTAL FINISHERES             13


Round 3


Monello Park would coast £500 just in entry fees alone and it is a 2 day meeting so Neville decided not to compete in this race as you are allowed to drop your lowest score from the 9 Championship rounds so only 8 rounds count. Ferguson qualified in pole position from Alan Kelly. The race was won by Ferguson with Jimmy Douggan 2nd.


Round 4


 At Kirkistown saw another qualifying session dominated by John Ferguson taking pole by almost a second. He was running a brand new £7000 engine as he complained that Kelly’s engine was faster so his engine had to be up to scratch. In the race Ferguson defended his pole position by blocking Anderson off the line allowing Kelly through and Peter Thompson. Ferguson got away and won but a three car battle behind with places changing every lap eventually saw Kelly take 2nd from Anderson 3rd and Thompson 4th. Neville had a really enjoyable race but 3rd place left him trailing behind in points.


Round 4 Results


Result                                       Gap                              Fastest lap


1st: John Ferguson                                                          1. Ferguson 1min 2.983 secs

2nd: Alan Kelly                            +5.409sec                   2. Kelly       1min 3.285 secs

3rd: Neville Anderson                   +0.037sec                   Pole Position

                                                                                       Ferguson 1minute 2.358 secs


TOTAL STARTERS                 13

TOTAL FINISHERES             12


Round 5


Round 5 was held at Knockhill in Scotland. Neville had to opt out of this three-day event as it costs about £1200, which is not worth doing as he was behind in points. John Ferguson dominated with pole and race win, Alan Kelly was 2nd with the fastest lap from Jimmy Douggan in 3rd.


Championship Positions after Knockhill:


  1. John Ferguson 88 points
  2. Jimmy Douggan 59 points
  3. Alan Kelly 52 points
  4. Neville Anderson 42 points


Round 6


Round 6 at Kirkistown Neville had been in touch with Speedy Registrations and got a new set of tyres. The tyres done the trick as Neville secured his first pole position of the 2008 season. Southern Ireland driver Rory Farrell who is the current British Classic Champion was in second place only by 0.228 seconds behind Anderson. Neville’s car was handling like a dream on the new tyres. Neville led the race from the start from Rory Farrell but a determined John Ferguson came from behind and forced his way part Farrell with a do or die manoeuvre at the hairpin Anderson was demoted to 2nd place and Farrell soon passed Anderson, who re-focused himself and began to race hard and push Farrell 2ns and Anderson 3rd with the satisfaction of the fastest lap in his quest for position 1.


Round 6 Results


Result                                       Gap                              Fastest lap


1st: John Ferguson                                                          1. Anderson 1min 2.843 secs

2nd: Rory Farrell                          +0.652sec                   2. Ferguson  1min 2.909 secs

3rd: Neville Anderson                   +0.630sec                   Pole Position

                                                                                    Anderson 1min 3.171 secs


TOTAL STARTERS                 14

TOTAL FINISHERES             13


Round 7


Round 7 at Kirkistown saw Neville Anderson fired up and ready to go for a good result he produced a flyer of a lap on a slippery track and got pole position with Alan Kelly 2nd and Ferguson 3rd. Initially Neville led the race and had a race a long battle with Kelly and Ferguson. It was a mistake from Kelly and he spun out leaving Anderson and Ferguson to battle to the end. Ferguson was running his spare engine as his faster one blew up in his mid-week testing so Anderson knew this was his chance for glory, the lead kept changing but with 3 laps to go Ferguson was defending, weaving and blocking so Anderson tried everything in his power but each time he got alongside he was forced off onto the grass. On the last lap approaching the last corner he got alongside and tried getting a run to the finish line but too much wheel spin out of the last corner left Anderson not close enough to pass. Ferguson won by a cars length in the frustration Anderson missed a gear going over the finishing line and blew his engine.


Round 7 Results


Result                                       Gap                              Fastest lap


1st: John Ferguson                                                          1. Anderson 1min 2.877 secs

2nd: Neville Anderson                     +0.686sec                2. Ferguson 1min 2.886 secs

3rd: Gary Thompson                        +0.586sec                   Pole Position

                                                                                          Anderson 1min 3.0.83 secs


TOTAL STARTERS                 17

TOTAL FINISHERES             16


The last Saturday in August at Kirkistown was a non-championship race. Neville got his engine back in time and qualified 8th place in this big race amongst a lot of more modern and faster cars. This race is the Formula Ford Festival for the Martin Donnelly Trophy. Neville should have qualified higher but slower back markers spoiled Neville’s best laps. Neville made a good start gaining 3 positions on the first lap but got rammed from behind and then crashed, this resulted in his car being totally wrecked. After further inspection it became apparent the flywheel rung off the engine causing even more damage. This left no chance of getting the car fixed in time for the next champion round at Mondello.


Round 8


Round 8 at Mondello Park in Dublin, was son by another local driver Rory Farrell. Ferguson crashed out along with Kelly. Ferguson had the fastest lap and pole position but his winning streak came to an end.


Championship Positions with 1 round to go


  1. John Ferguson                    150
  2. Jimmy Douggan                   79
  3. Neville Anderson                 71
  4. Alan Kelly                           56
  5. Rory Farrell                        41


Final round at Kirkistown Neville got his car repaired for the last race. Ferguson finished in pole position with Kelly and Anderson close behind. The race started seeing Ferguson and Kelly resume battle, with Anderson holding onto 3rd position followed by Jimmy Douggan in 4th position. A big accident at the back brought out the safety car then Kelly blew his engine promoting Anderson to 2nd place. At the restart a back marker got stuck between Ferguson and Anderson allowing Ferguson to break clear and comfortable securing a winning position. Anderson’s car seemed to develop a misfire with 5 laps to go, he had a big job defending 2nd place from 3rd place John Stewart, 4th place Ian Newport and 5th place Peter Thompson. This result put Anderson up to 2nd place in the Championship.


Final Results


1st John Ferguson                     177 points

2nd Neville Anderson                    86 points

3rd Jimmy Douggan                     79 points


There is a non-championship race at Kirkistown on the 27th December 2008, which Neville may be competing in. Neville would like to thank all who helped him throughout the season.


Neville has secured the following positions throughout his racing career.


Pre 90 Champonship


Winner:              2001, 2003, 2005, 2006


Runner Up:            2000, 2004, 2007, 2008


3rd:                  2002

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