DVLA release ‘F‘ registration plates

Over the last 18 years the DVLA has had 34 major releases to grace the headlines and attract the attention of thousands of buyers.


This Month, the DVLA released previously un-issued ‘F‘ registration plates. In total over 20,000 brand new ‘F’ prefix registrations will be available to the general public to buy.


The first batch of ‘F’ prefix registrations was released in 1988 – and since then about 400 ‘F’ registrations have been released via DVLA. This release is due to attract plenty of attention from buyers.


Of course, you can use the number 3 or 4 to replace an A or an E, or the number 11 to replace an L, an N or a U, as done with previous releases. The new release is also expected to see a rise in the number of plates containing car brand names such as Ferrari, Fiat and Ford.


The launch of the new F-prefix registrations on Tuesday set a record for the most sold in a single day, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) Personalised Registrations has announced.


According to the DVLA, £3.42 million was raised in ten hours on Tuesday.


The previous sales record was set four years ago when £200,000 was raised with the launch of the E-series.


Damien Lawson, marketing manager for DVLA Personalised Registrations, said the organisation was “completely taken aback” by the response to the new plates.


It seems as though the number of sales of car registrations will rise within the next few weeks.

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