Current Issue Irish Plates

Northern Ireland is divided up into eight separate licensing areas for cheap Irish number plates. They are:


Belfast, where Barry (BAZ), Gary (GAZ), Marion (MAZ), Katherine (KAZ), Catherine (CAZ), Darren (DAZ), Lazenby (LAZ), Raza (RAZ), Sarah (SAZ), and more recently Sarah (SEZ), Jeremy (JEZ) and Terry (TEZ)


Enniskillen currently issuing GIG registrations


Downpatrick home of the Mercedes Benz (MBZ)


Ballymena great cover number for UKZ (United Kingdom)


Coleraine recently issued the perfect Linda or Lindsay plates (LNZ), Enzo (ENZ) and for Volkswagen Car registration (VIW)


Londonderry issued the perfect French plate OUI, OUI, and currently issuing Ruiri registrations RUI


Omagh, for PJI’s, Patrick James and CHZ for Chris


Armagh home of the famous IB registrations, Gibson (Gibson), Libby (LIB), Niblock (NIB), RIB for the Butchers, WLZ for the Welshmen and SIB for the Sibleys.


Here is a list of the counties, with the series that is currently being issued.


Armagh: WLZ ****

Ballymena: WKZ ****

Belfast : VEZ ****

Coleraine: MNZ ****

Downpatrick: OJZ ****

Enniskillen: GIG ****

Londonderry: RUI ****

Omagh: KHZ ****


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