Car-mad Asians splash most on private reg plates

Car-Loving British Asians have topped a list of drivers paying fortunes for personalised number plates.


Ten of thousands of pounds have gone on ethnic-themed registrations in the past year. The priciest at £254,000 was 51 NGH – Singh – which went at auction to a mystery buyer. Other huge sums paid to the DVLA included £18,000 for AHM 5D (Ahmed), £51,500 for 1 RAN (Iran), £20,500 for SYR 1A (Syria), £16,500 for 81 ACK (Black) and £27,200 for WEL 5H (Welsh).


Plate sales raised £87million for the Treasury last year. Lib Dem Transport spokesman Norman Baker said, “This array of cherished plates reflects Britain’s changing face”.

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