Are Personalised Number Plates A Good Investment?

You may not have thought about personalised plates as an investment opportunity. Most of us simply want a private plate because it’s going to look awesome on our car. Whether you pick a plate with your name on, or the date of the birth of your child, it’s something to display proudly. Or maybe all you want to do is disguise the age of your car with one of our cheap dateless plates.

However, you may want to consider private plates for an investment. If you have a bit of spare cash you could put your money in the bank, but with interest rates so low, you’re not really going to get much of a return on your investment.

Knowing what to invest in these days is tricky. Some investment ideas that were pretty solid in the past are just not as reliable as they used to be. Even gold and property tend the fluctuate nowadays.

Private plates are increasing in popularity as something to invest in because they’re a very safe bet. The market for private plates is always good. Personalised plates nearly always retain their value and they often increase in value. Plates that represent common names will always be sought after. You may even get lucky. Buy a plate with your name on now, you can enjoy it and get your money’s worth. But, if suddenly an actor, pop star or sports personality comes into the limelight that shares your name, imagine the price you can then sell you plate for!

Just think, if ordinary Mr H Potter had bought a plate before the Harry Potter phenomenon hit the world. That plate he chose could be worth a fortune now!

In my opinion though, the best thing about private plates as an investment is that you can enjoy them while you’re waiting for them to increase in value. You can’t do that with your share certificates!

When you buy any of our personalised registration plates, we can transfer then straight onto a retention certificate for you at no extra cost. This means you can invest in as many plates as you like without having to have a vehicle available for every single one of them.

If you already own a private plate and you’d like to know if now is the time to sell it and reap the rewards, we also offer a free no-obligation valuation service. You’ll find more details of this on our website.

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