Irish Registrations Can Make A Good Long Term Investment

irish registration good investment

If you’ve got a little extra cash, perhaps you’ve had a windfall, what do you do with it? In years gone by I’d always have put any extra money I had in my savings account, all that lovely interest mounting up would be great, but these days interest rates are so low it’s hardly worth bothering.

I’ve also got a few premium bonds. Now it’s quite fun, checking the numbers every month to see if I’ve won a prize, and I used to win on occasion, but they’ve changed the system recently and the odds of winning are getting worse. I’ve been talking with friends who have bonds and some have never won even though they’ve had them for years. I treat premium bonds as a bit of fun, your money is safe, but really they’re not worth the investment if you actually want a half decent return on your money.

So how about stocks and shares? Now I know people can make money from shares, but I’m not a great gambler. If I was a millionaire I’d probably play around buying shares in a few interesting companies, but I can’t afford to lose my money. I want an investment that isn’t so risky. I don’t want the stress of watching the prices go up and down and wondering whether or not to sell. The only shares I’ve ever bought were Royal Mail shares, and luckily they went up and I made a small profit, but it could so easily have gone the other way. At the moment, with the country in Brexit turmoil I certainly wouldn’t be risking any of my cash in stocks and shares.

So what do you invest your money in? Artwork or gold perhaps? Well gold prices have gone down recently, so that’s not something I’ll be doing. Plus if you invest in physical goods you’re going to have pay out to insure them, then you’ve got the worry of having to take care of them. I wouldn’t want all my money to be invested in something in my own home. I’d be too scared I’d damage it or make myself a target for burglars.

So what do I invest my money in? I’m so cautious you are probably thinking that I simply leave it in the bank and put up with the terrible rates of interest. Well no, I have found something that makes the perfect low-risk investment. Irish registration plates. Irish plates are becoming popular as a form of investment. Of course you own the registration, so it doesn’t matter if you lose your physical plates or they get damaged. Number plates have a very good track record of making money. They will generally be worth the same or more than you paid when you come to sell them. You can keep them on retention certificates so you don’t have to own lots of cars to own lots of license plates!

My favourite thing about owning several plates though, is that I get to use them! They don’t deteriorate with use, I’m not devaluing them by using them, so I get to enjoy my investment until it’s time to sell.

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