Irish registrations- a great investment for the future.


Irish Registrations (or Northern Irish registrations to be more accurate) are often regarded as a great investment for anyone looking to double their money over a period of just a few years. If you have a nice single digit Irish registration you could be in for a shock especially if you have had it for quite some time and have never really thought about how much it would be worth.

Single digit Irish number plates are worth their weight in gold nowadays, especially if you have a desirable letter combination such as a GIL, BAZ, GAZ or DAZ you may find that what you paid for the registration especially if it was several years ago will now have doubled or trebled in price simply because you just cannot buy them any more.

Although a double digit or three digit Irish registration may not be worth quite as much as a single digit (depending on the numbers) again they will always hold their value or in many cases dramatically increase in value. For this very reason an Irish registration will always be a great investment item for anyone who is interested in making some money in the near future.

Did you know that Speedy Reg will buy many combinations of Irish numbers to add to their stock. If you have an old four digit Irish plate and are looking to free up some cash for a holiday or put towards a new car or a new registration why not get a quote today. You are under no obligation to sell the number if you are just interested in knowing the value of your registration. Many number plate dealers will store your details and advertise your number without formal permission however Speedy Reg will only advertise your number if you have given them written permission to do so.


If you are new to buying number plates and are unsure of how the transfer works or even how you go about purchasing a number plate why not give our sales team a call and they will explain how the transfer works. Your next big investment could be a simple phone call or a click away so why not get in touch today.

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