Too Many Potholes

Nearly 50% of British motorists have had to take dangerous evasive action within the past 12 months to avoid hitting a pothole, according to a recent survey by Kwik- Fit.

Almost 20% of drivers surveyed claimed they have had to swerve towards oncoming traffic to dodge one of the estimated 3 million potholes that are now blighting our battered roads. However the, research also found that 7.6million motorists suffered pothole damage to their vehicle in the past year, racking up a bill of more than £473million just to repair their wheels and tyres — nearly £100million more than in 2009.

As well as switching to the opposite side of the road, other risky emergency measures undertaken by motorists to avoid potholes include: excessive braking (13 %), hitting the kerb (4 %) and even mounting the pavement (4 %).

Motorists in Scotland have been the worst hit by potholes with nearly half (44 %) saying they have had to take evasive action. Wales and the South West have been the luckiest, with ‘only’ 29 % of drivers affected.

Kwik –Fit are currently offering a free check to all motorists who suspect they may have damaged a tyre, wheel, exhaust or shock absorber as a result of hitting a pothole.

Should the government not pay for the damages to our cars as result of them not keeping our roads in good condition?

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