iPhone App Reads Number Plates

New Auto Trader iPhone App Reads Number Plates

An Auto Trader app for the iPhone has just parked itself in the Apple App Store, ready for you to download onto your handset and drive your car search forward. With the ability to scan number plates, this app will really go the distance  to help find you the car you want.

The app has inbuilt image recognition technology which lets you simply snap a number plate to find out about the make and model of car. Auto Trader searches the database based on the photo you take on your iPhone, and finds all the cars for sale in your area. The app will even list the cars in terms of proximity to your current location. Other options include price listings and calling the seller directly.

The guys over at Electric Pig road-tested the new app and found it very easy to use. To launch a search, snap the car you’re interested in and then pinch the screen to zoom in on the number plate, and crop the image – leaving only the licence plate. Your iPhone will then tell you all you need to know about the availability of the car, prices, and related information such as model and year.

You can narrow a search on the Auto Trader app for the iPhone, to encompass your price range, mileage, year – and even details like colour.

It’s a clever app, as you’re most likely to spot a car you like when you’re out and about – and the ability to photo the car is undoubtedly helpful. And if you happen to be in an area with no Wi-Fi network, you can just enter your postcode to find the nearest available cars.

All cars you find and like can be placed in the app’s Garage, making them easier to find at a later date. The iPhone app also lets you search Auto Trader in the normal way, viewing cars from its database of 300,000 – as well as find and read reviews for car models to help you find the right car for you.

If you’re looking for a car, the Auto Trader iPhone app could be a great addition to your phone – and it’s free to download. You can find out more about the new app in the video below, or by heading to the source.

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